The Second Thief by Travis Thrasher

The Second Thief

A suspenseful novel about a man who survives a plane accident and has a second chance at life. As he runs from his present mistakes while making amends for past ones, he comes to grips with his own lack of faith.

“The end of Thrasher’s tale has an unusual twist that will surprise the reader . . . steady pacing and competent prose keep the story moving.”—Publishers Weekly

“Worthwhile for anyone looking for a heart-pounding, thought-provoking read. But you might not want to read it on an airplane.” Moody Magazine

“This is a Christian novel in the traditional sense, in that it's about the struggle over one man's eternal destiny. Fortunately, it's done in a new and creative way, telling a fine story in the process. Recommended.” Christianfictionreview.com