The Promise Remains by Travis Thrasher

The Promise Remains

A heartrending story about a young couple, long separated, who find their way back to each other, along the way learning about God's provision in the face of their own doubts and fears.

“Driven by authentic characters . . . Sara and Ethan are two of the most real and sensitive lovers to grace the genre, and readers will find themselves moved.” –Publishers Weekly

“A tender romance about unrequited love and second chances. This story is fresh and full of surprises.”—Romantic Times

“Suspenseful and romantic . . . Readers encounter surprise and heartache as the story moves through 12 years.”—CBA Marketplace

“A moving story of love that survives the years and miles of separation. Similar in style to Nicholas Sparks’ novels, this story pulls all the emotional strings . . . without being too sappy.” --Rev magazine