Temptation by Travis Thrasher


The third book in the Solitary Tales series for young adults.

TEMPTATION follows the soul-wrenching twists of Chris Buckley’s journey as he heads deeper into a darkness that threatens all he loves best.

As a reluctant student at Harrington High’s summer school, Chris meets a fun-loving senior girl who offers a welcome diversion from Chris’s past. Soon Chris no longer searches for the truth about the town of Solitary. He no longer tries to pierce its shadows. He no longer questions his role in its mysteries. He makes a new choice: he runs. What he doesn’t realize is that he’s running the wrong way—and is very close to being beyond any choices at all.

"With one book remaining to put the pieces together, Thrasher is settling in to close out what has been an awesome series. I wouldn't want to actually be in Chris Buckley's shoes, but being able to step into them through Thrasher's art of story has been an entertaining and thought-provoking experience I won't soon forget."--from Joshua Old at LifeIsStory.com

"If you love the multilayered storytelling of LOST or you enjoy a deep rich story that will grab you by the throat, this series is for you."--Lori Twichell at Radiant Lit

"Move over Stephen King. Travis Thrasher is da man! If creepalicious is your thing, then TEMPTATION is the book to you. In my opinion, it’s the creepiest of the series thus far."--from NovelReviews.blogspot.com