The Watermark (ebook version) by Travis Thrasher

The Watermark (ebook version)

Sheridan Blake's life changes for the second time when he meets a beautiful Filippina girl named Genevie Liu. Having left college seven years ago after an accident almost ruined his life and destroyed several others, Sheridan has returned, but he is still trying to cope with his feelings of guilt.

"Thrasher expertly paces the story, blending touches of humor with poignant moments."-Publishers Weekly

"A beautiful, sometimes whimsical journey to faith as a man grapples with feelings of unworthiness while learning that God has been there all along. A highly recommended work."-Library Journal

"Don't start reading The Watermark until you have a block of uninterrupted time so you can savor each word of this finely-crafted contemporary novel."-Moody Magazine

"Thrasher's novel is . . . told with intensity and passion. This is good fiction that should fine a wide readership."-CBA Marketplace

"I loved The Watermark. It is a moving story about redemption and love that delivers a punch to the heart at the end."--Francine Rivers