101 Writing Tips by Travis Thrasher

101 Writing Tips

Need a little encouragement and motivation in your writing?

Critically-acclaimed novelist Travis Thrasher shares tips and tools from his writing journey that started in third grade and has resulted in eighteen diverse novels.

101 WRITING TIPS covers topics like setting goals, organizing your writing life, the stages of writing a novel, what should drive your writing, and what to do with all those ideas. In a casual, self-deprecating and often humorous tone, Travis reveals his experiences of working in the publishing industry as Author Relations Manager and being a full-time writer.

Also included are Travis’s Ten Rules of Writing and Ten Thoughts About Being A Full-time novelist.

In addition to the 101 tips, there are ten “Tangents” where Travis reveals why he writes, how he writes, and other essays related to the life of any writer.

The writing life is a solitary one, and can be discouraging at times. Travis offers inspiration as he shares his joys and frustrations on what it’s like to live the dream as a writer.